Dealing with conflict

Course Aim:

This course explores the fundamental considerations that are needed to effectively deal with conflict

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • checkmarkDescribe the factors that increase the likelihood of a conflict occurring
  • checkmarkList appropriate methods for avoiding or dealing with a conflict situation
  • checkmarkDescribe how to effectively use negotiation tactics when in a conflict situation

Course Content

7 lessons - 14 review quizes - 2 summative assessments - 3.7 hours Duration

DWC L1 - Course Overview

DWC L2 - An introduction to conflict

DWC L2 - RQ1

DWC L2 - RQ2

DWC L3 - Why conflict occurs

DWC L3 - RQ1

DWC L3 - RQ2

DWC L4 - Recognising emotions

DWC L4 - RQ1

DWC L4 RQ2 - Recognising emotions

DWC L5 - Diffusing situations

DWC L5 RQ1 - Diffusing situations

DWC L5 RQ2 - Diffusing situations

DWC L6 - Active listening

DWC L6 RQ1 - Active listening

DWC L6 RQ2 - Active listening

DWC L7 - Mirroring

DWC L7 RQ1 - Mirroring

DWC L7 RQ2 - Mirroring

DWC L8 - Labelling

DWC L8 RQ1 - Labelling

DWC L8 RQ2 - Labelling

DWC L9 - Negotiating solutions



DWC - Summative Assessment 1

DWC - Summative Assessment 2