Course Aim:

The aim of this course is to introduce the concepts that create great leaders

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • checkmarkDetail how great leaders can apply appropriate levels of challenge and support, at different times
  • checkmarkDescribe the differences between leaders and managers
  • checkmarkDefine the need for culture and describe the importance of knowing one’s audience
  • checkmarkDetail why one’s identity should be seen through their performance and the materials used
  • checkmarkDetail the need to distribute authority through teaching and delegation
  • checkmarkDefine an outcome and state the importance of clear, measurable outcomes
  • checkmarkDefine strategy, state the importance of strategy and list the principles for strategy design
  • checkmarkDefine tactics and list both the principles and considerations of designing tactics
  • checkmarkDescribe the ‘ask don’t tell’ model and state how to implement it
  • checkmarkDescribe the ‘like, wished and how might we’ model and state how to implement the model
  • checkmarkExplain the importance of getting the hard work done first
  • checkmarkExplain the requirement to work smarter, not harder and detail the need for perseverance

Course Content

8 lessons - 18 review quizes - 2 summative assessments - 4.2 hours Duration

Leadership - L1 Course overview

Leadership - L2 Defining leadership

Leadership L2 RQ1

Leadership L2 RQ2

Leadership - L3 Audience, identity and material

Leadership L3 RQ1

Leadership L3 RQ2

Leadership - L4 Creating leaders

Leadership L4 RQ1

Leadership L4 RQ2

Leadership - L5 Creating outcomes

Leadership L5 RQ1

Leadership L5 RQ2

Leadership - L6 Creating strategy

Leadership L6 RQ1

Leadership L6 RQ2

Leadership - L7 Designing tactics

Leadership L7 RQ1

Leadership L7 RQ2

Leadership - L8 Coaching - ask don't tell

Leadership L8 RQ1

Leadership L8 RQ2

Leadership - L9 Coaching - like, wish, how...

Leadership L9 RQ1

Leadership L9 RQ2

Leadership - L10 Priorities and grit

Leadership L10 RQ1

Leadership L10 RQ2



Leadership - SA1

Leadership - SA2